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Nilgün Çolak who studied in the areas of holistic design, personal development, tourism management, interior architecture and technology, is helping the development of Turkish business world and Turkish economy by improving the national and international companies she participates in.

Nilgün Çolak stepped into business life at İktisat Bank, in the Department of Marketing and proceeded her career at Tekfen Investment and Finance Bank in Department of Marketing. After having an intensive training in advertising sales, she advanced to General Manager of Advertising & Marketing of E TV.

Nilgün Çolak gained a seat for herself within the producers and television sector as she started to present and produce a television program about the advertising industry named Medyavizyon at Channel D. She also worked as presenter and producer for TV channels like Show TV, Star, Channel 6 and TGRT. Nilgün Çolak established a production company named Manavizyon in 2001. Proceeding her career as co-founder and manager of Leyra Productions founded in 2004,  she presented  productions  like  ‘Blue Necklace’ and ‘Will Be All Mine’.

Leyra Productions is one of the leading companies of the television sector with the selective and precised productions standing out with long-term screen performance and success. Production services are also presented nearby movies & TV series produced for Turkey’s national TV channels and commercial shootings.

Nilgün Çolak is in charge as manager at Leyra Publishing, Production and Marketing Limited Co. including Leyra Organization, Q’en magazine and Q Plus magazine within. She was also in charge as chief editor at monthly social life magazine Q’en and quarterly cultural magazine Q Plus between years 2007-2012. 

After losing a kidney, she won through stomach cancer and facing her mistakes she changed her perspective on life. Nilgün Çolak wrote a book named ‘Starting over from end-point’ with a sense of social responsibility based on her own life, experiences and perspective of life published by Alfa Publishing.

Nilgün Çolak is also founder of a London based company named Leyra U.K. which is mainly working on introducing Turkish arts and culture. Regarding her personal interest in Turkish arts and culture, she is proceeding her effort on holding exhibitions at London and working on publication of cultural books.

Nilgün Çolak is administrative personnel at Life without Cancer Association and Umberto Veronesi Foundation, She is an active member in Eskisehir Dolunay Association of Adult Disability. She is also volunteer in some other social responsibility projects and supporting amain. Nilgün Çolak is married and she has two children.

Nilgün Çolak is a personification of a spirit with her life, her experiences and all the difficulties she lived through. She committed herself to revive desperate people with the help of God and her mission can be summarized briefly as ‘I am happy if I can make someone else happy’. She continues to convey her mission to people in the seminars/workshops she participates and keeps writing about the real power of human spirit.

Nilgün Çolak is carrying on new projects with the mission of ‘Life will give you back what you give to the universe’ with her close friend Mr. Emre Ertürk. One of the most important of these projects is the launching of the book ‘Giving Back’ written by Meera Gandhi. Nilgün Çolak is keeping her actions and work with Mr. Emre Ertürk and Meera Gandhi as she believes that in the future, people in the same opinion will accomplish high affairs by collaborating. She thinks this collaboration is just not a coincidence also a responsibility given by the universe.

Nilgün Çolak believes that her 2nd book which will be published soon carrying similarities with ‘Giving Back’ is also not a coincidence. She defines this as another new start at her life and says she will keep living as an open-minded student in life, welcoming the surprises of it, always having a positive attitude who has faith in God.

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